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Brave Chameleon Stands up to Hungry Eagle

A giant tawny eagle swoops onto a tar road from meters above to investigate what looks like a potential meal making its way across the road.

Brave Chameleon Stands up to Hungry Eagle
Giant eagle attacks chameleon

Wildlife enthusiast Fiona Sadman shared this exhilarating sighting with

“Often when I drive through game reserves, my attention is focused on the surrounding bush, thickets, trees, and riverbeds. Sometimes the best sightings aren’t where you’d expect them to be. On this particular day, I was driving along the tar road when a small shadowed figure caught my eye in the middle of the road. A chameleon!”

Brave Chameleon Stands up to Hungry Eagle

Chameleons are reptiles that are truly unmatched in their ability to camouflage. They utilize camouflage as a means of staying out of sight from lurking predators. Being so small yet quite girthy, they make for a tantalizing snack for many other animals. Raptors, snakes, and even smaller felines.

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Brave Chameleon Stands up to Hungry Eagle
Moments before the fatal strike

“Because the road was tarred, this little chameleon stood out quite well and was special for me to see as they are not the most common animal to see while on a game drive. What transpired next was just utterly mesmerizing. Out of nowhere, a large tawny eagle swooped down onto the road in front of my vehicle. It sat tall and observed the chameleon intensely. As if it were contemplating its game plan.”

“The chameleon immediately recognized the danger it was in and reared to make itself seem bigger. However, that was all in vain, and the large eagle was in no way intimidated by the display the chameleon put on. The first blow was struck by the eagle with exhilarating speed!”

Eagles utilize their beaks and talons when hunting and will consume anything they can get their talons around. Not often is one able to witness them in action, as most of the time it will take place in thick grass or out of sight. They are extremely agile and will even take on snakes with their razor-sharp talons.

“Before I knew it, the battle was over, and the enormous talons of this tawny eagle were wrapped firmly around the little chameleon’s body. It stood no chance but gave it a try. The eagle then immediately took to the air and flew off. As it had appeared out of nowhere. It disappeared out of sight.

This Brave Chameleon Tries to Stands up to a Hungry Eagle

Final moments for the chameleon

Undoubtedly, seeing a lion lazing around or a leopard hunting is something exciting and special. Remember, though, that’s not all the bush has to offer. Game reserves are made up of many different ecosystems that coexist as one. Even the little things play their role and can be special. So keep an eye out for the smaller things; who knows, you too may have the opportunity to witness a moment of magic.

Brave Chameleon Stands up to Hungry Eagle

Written by Mohammed Kathrada

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