Elite Energy Solutions

Say hello to affordable green energy and goodbye to load-shedding!

Go up to 90% off-grid while saving money and nature in the process!

What appliances does it cover?

  • As a general rule, a normally sized 4-person home will need 5kW system which, on a good day, produces 20kWh a day.
    This system would cover lights, fridges, screens, wifi etc…
  • Generally, the only items that won’t be connected to the solar power are cooking equipment, such as stoves and ovens, and the geyser.
  • Elite Energy will also send representatives for a free consultation on how to be the most energy-efficient and get the most out of the solar system.

Why switch to solar?

These are a few of many reasons to switch to solar energy:

– Massively reduces strain on the environment
– Provides you with free electricity
– No more load shedding
– 100% tax deductable for businesses
– Go up to 90% off-grid
– Equipment lasts for up to 15 years
– 3 installation options that make it affordable to anyone.

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How to switch?

There are 3 options for financing the installation:

1. Outright purchase

-You pay for it outright

-Free electricity from the solar panels & battery

-100% tax deductable for businesses

2. Rent to own

-No upfront cost

-Monthly payments that stop after 5 years

-You own the system after 5 years, and it should last up to 15 years

-Easier approval for businesses

3. Power Purchase

-No upfront cost

-Charges you +-15% less than Eskom for electricity

-Only available for large complexes and businesses

Who is Elite Energy?

Elite Energy Solutions is a South African installer of solar power solutions for your home or business.

The key ingredient that sets them apart from the crowd is that their skills foundation is based on sound electrical knowledge and expertise.

The company’s roots started in the 1960’s as electrical contractors and includes an unbroken spine of four generations associated with the company.

Since 2008, Elite Energy branched out into the renewable market and have honed their skills to ensure that clients receive honest advice based on years of experience and they are always offered an affordable solution based on their individual needs and criteria.


Andre Grundling, Steeldogs Inc

“In so far as a testimonial is concerned, I don’t think there will be enough space to write down all the ‘’thank yous’’ I have received from my friends and associates after recommending you guys.

Your work ethic, service delivery, and the ‘’no hassle’’ factor is the reason why I am now ‘’ 90% off the grid’’, having built up my system over time with your guidance.”

Jan Beukes, MultiChoice

“The team at Elite Energy not only provided a brilliant service while installing my backup power solution but more importantly, also provided fantastic after-sales services when it came to making sure the system is running optimally.

I can 100% highly recommend them to anyone, you will not be disappointed and can rest assured that you receive high-quality products and service!”

Jackie, Monte Christo

“Chris and his team from Elite Energy Solutions installed a solar system in my house. They did an excellent and professional job.

The system works perfectly and I have a regular, stable, and consistent electricity supply. Their aftercare service is excellent and they’re always readily available to address any queries.”