Proud Honey Badger Mom Shows Off Baby in the Road

This mother Honey Badger surprised visitors when she ran down the road during the day, showing off her cute baby.

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Anika Pusey was the first to stumble upon this adorable scene. She shared it with

“On a cold and windy day, we headed out on a game drive with the hope of spotting a honey badger. Known for their elusive nature, honey badgers are not often seen during the daytime. That makes the possibility all the more thrilling. I had some previous luck in the area, so the excitement was high. We drove along slowly, scanning the bush for any signs of the badger.”

“As we rounded a corner, my eyes fell upon an unbelievable sight—a honey badger running in the road. My excitement was through the roof when I realized it was a female honey badger carrying a cub in her mouth. This was rare. The mother and cub were moving in the same direction as us. Because of this, we could mostly see their backs, with occasional glimpses of the side as the female took short breaks before continuing.”

Honey badger babies are incredibly cute and fascinating creatures. When they are born, they are almost hairless and stay hidden in burrows for the first few months of their lives. Despite their small size, honey badger babies are already equipped with a sense of adventure and curiosity. They can often be seen rolling around and playing with sticks and other random stuff in their environment.

Honey badger mom shows off baby in the road

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“What amazed me was the contrast between the female and her cub. The pure white of the baby and shorter claws of the young one distinguished it from its mother’s darker white coat and long claws.”

“It was clear that this mother was relocating her cub to a new den site. A behavior typical of honey badgers during the first three months while their young ones are hidden in burrows.”

Honey badger mom shows off baby

“Honey badgers are one of my favorite animals. And seeing a mother carrying her cub had long been a dream for me and my husband. Another sighting I can now tick off my bucket list.”

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