Styling one’s bedroom shelving can be quite a challenging task especially since its something you see quite often. A better-looking bedroom shelve is of course a reason to feel a little bit better when you sleep. The trick here is often finding a style that will still appeal to you even after a long while of seeing it. What many people don’t realise is that it doesn’t have to be a hard process making it work. This is because its more of an artistic expression and all it requires is majorly authenticity. I shall take through simple steps you could follow and achieve this easily but with excellent appeal

Start with the basics

Consider the following basics when you are making a choice of the decoration Color -the color should basically compliment the base color it should be outstanding since it’s a display and should be catchier that the base color. Choose a creative blend of colors if you choose to use a blend. Also play with colors that u might think are too bold for you. It works!

Items-choose items that are basically essential. This are usually books. It’s a great feeling when you wake up to see what u desire to learn and in a beautiful display. this is also vital because the selection of items you shall use ultimately define how the shelve Is going to look in the end

Things to avoid

Avoid being excessive. Many people end up over decorating the shelves. Avoid too much color as it makes it look out of place. Instead, use simple color that basically compliment the background and also appeals to you

Avoid clutter in you shelve by busing baskets. You can use the organisation basket to arrange things that you don’t want to see or those that easily get dis organised.

Things to do

Be creative- be as open minded as possible when styling your shelves and be open to try these ideas

Keep it simple. Start with the basic ideas of decorating and slowly bulk it up. You can also visit the following link to learn more in Tylko’s article